Annual Triangle Home Movie Day

It's time for Triangle residents to rifle through attics, dig
through closets, call up Grandma, search out family home movies and gather
with others to watch them projected for the first time.

Home Movie Day will be held from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct.
15, in the North Carolina State Archive 109 East Jones Street, First Floor
Auditorium in Raleigh.  The event is
sponsored by the Duke's Archive of Documentary Arts, A/V Geeks, NCSU Film
Studies, and NC State Archives.

Since 2002, Home Movie Day has been a worldwide celebration
of amateur home movies, allowing people to meet local film archivists, find out
about the long-term benefits of film versus video and digital media, and get to
watch those old family films.

Organizers say home movies are an essential record of
individuals and the community and are among the most authoritative historical documents.

"Years of therapy don't come close to the
experience of seeing yourself, at age two, hunting Easter eggs in your plaid
overalls, said Steve Riley of Raleigh. "I watched in amazement as my early
childhood appeared on the screen ... I had never even suspected that such
treasures lay waiting in the old tin breadbox of home movies my mother had
found in the attic ... Home Movie Day was a wonderful event for the whole family." 

For more information, contact
Skip Elsheimer at (919) 247-7752 or visit