Making a Difference: Robin Geller

Mindy Miller, left, gave a shout out to her predecessor, Robin Geller.
Mindy Miller, left, gave a shout out to her predecessor, Robin Geller.

Mindy Miller, administrative assistant for the vice provost for Interdisciplinary Studies, started work at Duke on April 18 ready to enjoy her job and do whatever it took to get it done right. But she was delighted to discover that help was just downstairs.

"My predecessor, Robin Geller, is just two flights down in the Allen Building. She not only made this job easy to learn because she left everything so organized and easy to find, but she has been incredibly open to my phone calls and questions," Miller said. "There was a period when I was calling her nearly every day."

In early May, while browsing through the DukeToday website to become more familiar with her new university home, Miller came across the article on Duke Appreciation  inviting employees to thank each other  publicly on the "Making a Difference" blog. She jumped at the chance.

"Thanks so much, Robin, for making my first few weeks at Duke so great!" Miller wrote. "Not only did you hand over an office to me that you had set up to run incredibly efficiently, you have been so helpful and friendly and encouraging. Thank you for making a difference."

Geller, who is now the administrative assistant for Kimberly Jenkins, Duke's senior advisor to the president and provost for innovation and entrepreneurship, said she was surprised and delighted when she received an email notification about the entry. "I was touched when I read the entry," she said. "It made me feel needed, and that is always nice."

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