Alleva Statement on Guidelines and Standards for Men's Lacrosse Team

I have reviewed and endorse the mission statement and team standards developed by the student-athletes on Duke Men's Lacrosse team. The sentiments and guidelines they express are consistent with the expectations we have for the lacrosse team and, indeed, for all Duke student-athletes. As you know, over the summer, I am working with the coaches in athletics on developing a new code of conduct for all of our athletic programs. I expect that to be completed by this summer for review by the Athletics Council and you.

I hope that the members of the lacrosse team will continue to excel in the classroom and on the field and that their behavior on campus and in the community will become exemplary in the years to come. However, should violations of these standards occur, the penalties will be swift and appropriate and will be determined by the head coach, the Director of Athletics, and the President of the University.

With these commitments in hand, we are prepared for a new beginning for the men's lacrosse program at Duke.