Duke Announces Membership of Campus Cultural Initiative Steering Committee

The committee is charged with conducting a rigorous self-examination "to take the measure of our campus culture and see where it could be improved."

Duke University President Richard H. Brodhead on Thursday announced the membership of the Campus Cultural Initiative Steering Committee, one of five groups currently exploring issues that arose in the aftermath of the men's lacrosse situation.

The committee consists of 24 faculty, students, staff members and alumni.

Robert Thompson, vice provost for undergraduate education and dean of Trinity College, will serve as chair; Larry Moneta, vice president for student affairs, will serve as vice-chair.

Brodhead charged the committee to conduct a rigorous self-examination "to take the measure of our campus culture and see where it could be improved." The committee is expected to:

-- Write a statement of the values and behaviors that should guide Duke students in their relations with others;

-- Evaluate and suggest improvements in the ways students develop personal responsibility, social responsibility and civic engagement;

-- Assess how students relate to each other and other members of the campus and community across bounds of race, gender and other social divisions;

-- Assess the extent to which Duke institutional practices promote values and behaviors expected of students;

-- Assess the role that faculty play in the development of student values and behavior and make recommendations for increasing interaction between students and faculty in campus life; and

-- Recommend initiatives to promote a more responsible approach to the culture of campus drinking.

The committee is expected to issue a preliminary report to Brodhead by the end of December, with a follow-up report due May 1, 2007.

In addition to Thompson and Moneta, the membership of the committee is as follows:


Anne Allison, chair and professor, Department of Cultural Anthropology;

Philip Cook, professor, Sanford Institute of Public Policy;

Robert Cook-Deegan, director, IGSPCenter for Genome Ethics, Law and Policy;

Jeffrey Forbes, assistant professor of the practice, Department of Computer Science;

Karla Holloway, professor, Department of English;

Elizabeth Kiss, director, Kenan Institute for Ethics;

Marie Lynn Miranda, associate research professor, NicholasSchool of the Environment and Earth Sciences;

Barry Myers, professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering;

Suzanne Shanahan, assistant professor, Department of Sociology;

Peter Wood, professor, Department of History.


Zoila Airall, assistant vice president for student affairs;

Steve Nowicki, dean of the natural sciences;

Ben Reese, vice president of institutional equity;

Jackie Silar, associate athletics director;

Sam Wells, dean of the chapel.


Lauren Garson ('07);

Melissa Mang ('09);

Chauncey Nartey ('07);

Iman Washington ('07);

Elliott Wolf ('08).


Charlotte Clark, Trinity College '79, MEM '83 (Durham, N.C.);

J. Derek Penn, Trinity College '79, B'84 (New York, N.Y.)

Comments for the committee may be sent by e-mail to campus-culture@duke.edu.  Background information about all five of the university committees can be found at www.dukenews.duke.edu/mmedia/features/lacrosse_incident/committees.html.