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Blue Devil of the Week

Connel Fullenkamp has traveled to Colombia, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries to teach government officials about financial market development and regulation. Fullenkamp, an economics professor of the practice at Duke, talks with international central bank and finance ministry economists and brings that knowledge back to Duke classrooms. “I learn about all kinds of real-world experiences and problems and bring it back here,” he said. “Our student population is international, so they don’t just want to hear U.S.A., U.S.A. They want to hear about problems from their part of the world, so being able to talk about these things intelligently is a huge plus.” [More]

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Crowdsourcing a Virtual Duke Chapel

Students, architectural historians use chapel to turn 2D photos into 3D models

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Duke Financial Fitness Week Q&A

Every spring, Duke offers free financial webinars and in-person workshops for staff and faculty, who learn about investment strategies, saving for retirement, a balanced budget and more. Working@Duke asked employees about Duke Financial Fitness Week and about what savings strategies work for them.

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