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Blue Devil of the Week

Michael Palko’s photos usually turn heads, not only for their composition, but for the fact he takes them with his iPhone. The Duke University Health System informatics educator is one of the top 11 Duke employees to follow on Instagram, and he is photographer-in-residence for Oakwood Cemetery in Raleigh. “I have a thing for cemeteries, and not in a macabre sort of way,” Palko said. “If you want to feel alive, watch the sun come up in a cemetery.” [More]

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Zoboomafoo's Granddaughter Born

Lemur is fifth grand-heir for Zoboomafoo, the late star of TV show by Martin Kratt '89

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In the Stands with Duke's Pep Band

The Duke Pep Band has been a university institution since the 1960s. The musicians feed the energy within Cameron Indoor Stadium and among the Cameron Crazies, and the band pulls from a repertoire of about 40 songs for any Duke men's and women's basketball home game. Learn more about the Duke Pep Band's musicians and history.

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