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Blue Devil of the Week Archive

Transforming Ink into Illustrations 1

May 2, 2016

Duke’s Matt Trower translates behavioral science research into art

Topics for this story: Staff

Combining Art and Science in IT

April 25, 2016

Barbara Puccio helps create visually appealing, intuitive websites

Topics for this story: Staff, Technology & Computing

Enriching the Lives of Children

April 18, 2016

Thomas Patterson oversees programs for middle and high school students

Topics for this story: Staff

Always Asking ‘Why?’ 2

April 11, 2016

Sherilynn Black, drawn to science at an early age, is a leader in neuroscience and diversity

Rock and Roll All Night

April 1, 2016

Steve Hartsoe acts as an intermediary between Duke and media

Topics for this story: Staff

The First Mate of Graduate Liberal Studies

March 28, 2016

Even as the 'front line person' for her office, Dink Suddaby heads to the coast to enjoy time on the water every month

Topics for this story: Staff

From Soup to Nuts

March 21, 2016

Duke chef working to enhance culinary program for Duke Dining

Topics for this story: Dining, Staff, Students

Doing Good in Durham

March 14, 2016

Theresa Robertson organizes an annual toy drive for Christmas

Topics for this story: Staff

A Busy Year for Fact-Checkers

March 7, 2016

Duke professor Bill Adair’s research focuses on fact-checking and new forms of journalism

Topics for this story: Faculty, Politics & Public Policy, Staff

Helping the Light Bulbs Go Off

February 29, 2016

Andrea Yackenovich helps entrepreneurs and startups at Duke

Topics for this story: Staff