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Blue Devil of the Week Archive

Responsible for a ‘City’ of Duke Employees, Students

October 20, 2014

Jim Bjurstrom oversees Duke police and security officers who respond to calls

Topics for this story: Faculty, Police & Campus Safety, Staff

The A to Z of Research Administration

October 13, 2014

Zarrin Brooks handles all research functions for the Department of Anesthesiology

Topics for this story: Research, Staff

The World’s His Stage

October 6, 2014

David Berberian works behind the scenes at Duke and on stage for fun

Topics for this story: Arts, Odds & Ends, Staff

A Creative Writer Since Freshman Year

September 29, 2014

Duke employee Jennifer Madriaga has published fiction since her Duke undergrad days

Topics for this story: Staff

The ‘Surgeon General’ for Duke Students

September 22, 2014

John Vaughn oversees health care for all Duke students

Longing for Nepal

September 15, 2014

Jill Chaskes Foster treasures time as Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal

Topics for this story: Biology, Staff, Natural Sciences, Staff

Behind the Scenes of Duke Athletic Events

September 8, 2014

Bob Weiseman oversees hundreds of events each year at Duke

Topics for this story: Athletics, Buildings & Grounds, Staff

Programming a Sense of Community

September 1, 2014

Program assistant Pam Spencer keeps the Department of Computer Science on track

Topics for this story: Faculty, Staff, Students, Technology & Computing

The Record Keeper of Digital Duke

August 25, 2014

Archivist Matthew Farrell collects computer programs to website snapshots

The Many Connections with Duke

August 18, 2014

Kate Hendricks has been a student, bride, employee and patient at Duke

Topics for this story: Duke Leadership, Faculty, Law, Staff