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Finance Headlines

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Staples Invoicing Process Update

March 4, 2014
Topics for this story: Finance

Change to Invoice Workflow Notification Process

February 11, 2014
Topics for this story: Finance

Power Strip Recall Issued to Duke Community

January 28, 2014
Topics for this story: Finance

Updates to GAP 200.128 and GAP 200.129

January 7, 2014
Topics for this story: Finance

Online Travel Phase II: Corporate Card Initiative Update

November 27, 2013
Topics for this story: Finance

Corporate Card Transition Reminder

October 26, 2013
Topics for this story: Finance

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Duke is strongly committed to financial aid and the principle that a student's financial resources should not be a barrier to enrollment. It is among a limited number of schools with a "need-blind" admissions policy, which means all qualified U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents are accepted regardless of their ability to pay for college. Duke guarantees it will meet 100 percent of demonstrated financial need. In recent years, Duke has significantly enhanced its financial aid program to assist both lower- and middle-income families by reducing expected family contributions and loans. It also has expanded aid for international students.