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For World Population Day, July 11, we highlight the range of Duke faculty, student and alumni scholarship and engagement on the health, safety, economic and social needs of a growing human populace. This year, the day's theme is "investing in girls."

Twenty-Three stories of learning, research and civic engagement from the Class of 2016

Paul Modrich wins the 2015 Nobel Prize for his pathbreaking research on DNA repair

Meet some of the newest members of the Duke University faculty and learn about their scholarship and teaching. More will be added through the fall semester

Stories and videos from commencement weekend

Conversations with Duke humanities faculty

Stories and scholarship from members of the Class of 2015

Tease your brain and test your smarts with quizzes from our Duke experts

Duke economist Dan Ariely is your host for a weekly series of informal one-on-one chats with researchers in social and natural sciences.

Faculty and alumni experts discuss the key issues of the 2014 midterms