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Wanted by Duke-NUS: Play-acting patients

September 4, 2009

Duke bringing in deer hunters

News & Observer
September 4, 2009

Duke Goes Ustream

Online communications expands to live video <br><a href= >Chameides talks climate policy in 'Office Hours' </a>
September 4, 2009

Ustream is Duke's Latest Venture in Online Communication

September 3, 2009

The new 'Office Hours' series uses the live video streaming platform

News Tip: Legal Expert Can Discuss 'Hillary: The Movie'

September 3, 2009

Supreme Court to hear arguments Sept. 9

Topics for this story: Faculty, Law, News Tips, Politics & Public Policy

Picnic at the Duke Symphony's Pops Concert

September 3, 2009

Orchestra concert will be held Sunday on East Campus quad

Topics for this story: Arts, News Releases