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Features Archive

Erich Jarvis Redraws the Avian Family Tree

May 25, 2015

Neurobiologist helped guide international team in study of secrets of evolving genomes

Topics for this story: Faculty, Natural Sciences, Research

These Americans are Rich - Should We Celebrate?

May 22, 2015

Peter Ubel: The cost of healthcare is really hurting people in the U.S.

Topics for this story: Health & Medicine, Opinion

Gear Up at Duke Athletics Surplus Sale

May 22, 2015

Annual sale is open to the public May 29-30

Topics for this story: Athletics, Discounts, Staff, Students

Time to Ask Hillary Clinton Tough Questions

Foreign Policy
May 21, 2015

Peter Feaver wants to know how Clinton differs from Obama on global challenges

Topics for this story: Opinion, Politics & Public Policy

Julie Tetel Andresen on Vanishing Languages

May 20, 2015

Every week, more of the world’s languages fall silent

Thinking Ethically in the Face of Mass Migration

May 20, 2015

Luke Bretherton: We need to see borders as a face we present to the world

Topics for this story: Global, Opinion, Religion

Avoid Hefty Cellular Fees on Travel Abroad

May 20, 2015

Tips from Duke’s Office of Information Technology for cutting bills

Project Offers a 3D Look at the Roman Empire

May 19, 2015

A new virtual museum created by Duke researchers will be housed in an Italian museum

Topics for this story: Arts, Global, Humanities & Social Sciences

Has NIH Lost Its Halo?

May 18, 2015

Robert Cook-Deegan on a crown jewel struggling with politics, budgets and mission creep

B.B. King and the Majesty of the Blues

May 18, 2015

Mark Anthony Neal reflects on B.B. King's role as black music's ambassador to the world

Topics for this story: Opinion