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Features Archive

'Places I Have and Have Not Been'

July 23, 2014

Historical photos intersect with personal history to illustrate the power of digitization

The Choices We Face in Border Crisis

the News & Observer
July 22, 2014

Hans Linnartz asks 'which America will we be' in latest immigrant crisis

Topics for this story: Law, Opinion, Politics & Public Policy

First-Year Students: Apply to Be a Dorm Eco-Rep

July 22, 2014

Applications are currently being accepted for the Dorm Eco-Reps program on East Campus

World's Most Powerful Women

July 22, 2014

The Forbes list includes philanthropist Melinda Gates '86, MBA'87; Microsoft CFO Amy Hood '94 and Qatar Museums art collector Mayassa al Thani '05

Topics for this story: Alumni, Arts, Global, Technology & Computing

Female Entrepreneurs

News & Observer
July 22, 2014

Tatiana Birgisson '12, CEO of energy drink startup Mati Tea, wants to see more women entreprenuers in the Triangle

Topics for this story: Alumni, Business, Durham & the Region

See Summer Blockbusters with Duke Discount

July 22, 2014

Duke employees can purchase discount movie tickets to Regal Entertainment theaters

Topics for this story: Benefits, Discounts, Faculty, Staff

Personal Stories Shared Through Zine (un)Conference

July 22, 2014

Duke Libraries staff hosts national event for makers of self-published works of art

The Meaning of Happiness Changes Over Time

the Huffington Post
July 21, 2014

Troy Campbell: At different ages, we're interested in different kinds of happiness

Topics for this story: Humanities & Social Sciences, Opinion

'Around the World, Politicians Exaggerate'

July 21, 2014

Bill Adair on the global growth of fact-checking journalism as a check on power

Topics for this story: Faculty, Politics & Public Policy, Research

Patriotic Philanthropy

July 21, 2014

David Rubenstein '70 continues mission of "patriotic philanthropy" with $12.35 million gift to National Park Foundation