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Features Archive

Program to Broaden Access, Assist College Transition

November 4, 2015

Support offered for first-generation students and those from under-resourced high schools

Topics for this story: Campus News, Diversity, News Releases

The Geneva Cold War Summit: 30 Years Later

November 4, 2015

Rubenstein Fellow Jack Matlock recalls the Reagan/Gorbachev summit of 1985

Topics for this story: Global, Politics & Public Policy

Employees Honored with Teamwork, Diversity Awards

November 3, 2015

Annual awards presented to faculty and staff from across Duke

Topics for this story: Campus News, Faculty, Staff

Understanding the Refugee Crisis

November 3, 2015

How faculty and students are involved in the worst refugee crisis since World War II

Doc Studies Celebrates 25 Years with National Forum

November 3, 2015

Leading writers, filmmakers, artists to discuss the state of documentary arts

Topics for this story: Arts, News Releases

Commemorate Veterans Day with Duke Colleagues

November 3, 2015

Annual ceremony takes place Nov. 11 at Duke Chapel

Topics for this story: Campus News, Staff, Students

On the Fate and Fortunes of Public Goods

November 2, 2015

Richard Brodhead on the origins of the 50-year-old National Endowment for the Humanities

Topics for this story: Humanities & Social Sciences, Opinion

Five Free, Fun Things at Duke in November

November 2, 2015

Participate in a Duke Forest celebration to film screenings at no cost

Trying a New Pulse for Pain Relief

November 1, 2015

Can new spinal cord stimulation message improve treatment of chronic pain?

Topics for this story: Engineering, Faculty, Health & Medicine, Research

Intestinal Worms Can Be Good For You

The Conversation
October 30, 2015

William Parker: We can’t let the ick factor hold us back from further research

Topics for this story: Opinion, Research