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Features Archive

A Program Helps Build the 'University of the Future'

September 9, 2014

A new cohort of Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellows enters the academic pipeline

Topics for this story: Diversity, Faculty, Research, Students

Why Women Don't Stick With the Sciences

The New Republic
September 9, 2014

Rotem Ben-Shachar says a confidence gap plagues female scientists

Topics for this story: Opinion

Build a Coalition to Confront ISIS

September 9, 2014

David Schanzer, Tim Nichols: Don't let fear, hyperbole lead us into ISIS trap.

Topics for this story: Global, Opinion, Politics & Public Policy

Live Jazz Music at the Mary Lou

September 9, 2014

Weekly Jazz Wednesdays add music to study sessions and coworker meetups

Don't Overhype ISIS

September 8, 2014

Duke experts say there's time to build a coalition against militants

Topics for this story: Faculty, Opinion, Politics & Public Policy

Employee Art Showcased Around Duke

September 8, 2014

Annual exhibit brings art to the walls of Duke Medicine and Perkins Library

The Debate on Flame Retardants Widens

September 7, 2014

Nicholas School researchers on a quiet but fundamental case in the debate

Hoops Extension

University at Buffalo
September 5, 2014

University at Buffalo extends contract of Bobby Hurley '92 to 2018-2019 season

Topics for this story: Alumni, Athletics

Fostering a Campus Startup Leader

September 4, 2014

Duke senior Ashley Qian creates software for homeless shelters