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Features Archive

Changing the Debt-Ceiling Game

the New York Times
October 15, 2013

David McAdams says applying game theory to politics could avert DC gridlock

Topics for this story: Business, Opinion, Politics & Public Policy

See Free Documentary Films on Third Fridays

October 15, 2013

Full Frame rolls out carpet at new Full Frame Theater at American Tobacco Campus

Topics for this story: Arts, Campus News, Durham & the Region, Staff

In Practice: Duke Faculty Artwork on Display

October 14, 2013

Work by 17 faculty members and instructors now on display at the Power Plant Gallery

Topics for this story: Arts

Take Five: Overcome Life’s Obstacles

October 14, 2013

Simple practices to bounce back and increase resiliency

What Price College?

Duke Magazine
October 13, 2013

We Need Blue-Collar Candidates

the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
October 10, 2013

Nick Carnes asks, Are you happy with how millionaires are running our country?

Topics for this story: Opinion, Politics & Public Policy

Durham History Lives

October 10, 2013

Special Duke Hospital exhibit to be part of museum's grand opening Saturday

Topics for this story: Campus News, Durham & the Region

Farewell to Bill Young, He Made Congress Work

Tampa Bay Times
October 10, 2013

Bill Adair on why he is sorry to learn that the Florida Congressman is retiring

Topics for this story: Opinion, Politics & Public Policy

Saving Duke's History

October 10, 2013

University Archives assists departments in preserving Duke's past

Topics for this story: Campus News, Research, Staff

A 15-Year Journey of Discovery

October 9, 2013

The story behind the development of the first bioengineered blood vessel

Topics for this story: Faculty, Health & Medicine, Research