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Features Archive

One Day at the Perk

April 29, 2014

Duke Today Launches Alumni News Section

April 29, 2014

Duke's 150,000 alumni now have a home for all their stories

Topics for this story: Alumni, News Releases

Elevator Joy Bomb

April 29, 2014

Duke students bring some happiness during exam week through music

Topics for this story: Students

Orchestra Receives a Taste of Duke Medicine

April 29, 2014

Duke Medicine musicians rehearse in preparation for free May 3 concert

China Could Become the Global Campus

China Daily
April 28, 2014

Mary Bullock on making China a destination for students and scholars everywhere

As an Alternative to Race, Wealth is Best

the New York Times
April 28, 2014

Angel Harris: We need alternatives for obtaining diversity in elite colleges

Topics for this story: Education & Classroom Learning, Opinion

Saying No To Keystone XL Creates Other Problems

Toronto Globe and Mail
April 28, 2014

Stephen Kelly says transporting Canadian oil could be riskier without pipeline

Topics for this story: Global, Opinion, Politics & Public Policy

‘Duke Appreciation’ to Include Movie Night, Baseball

April 28, 2014

Celebrate staff and faculty employees during May events

Making Calorie Labeling More Effective

the Washington Post
April 26, 2014

Peter Ubel, Peggy Liu suggest a simple tweak to help consumers

Topics for this story: Opinion