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Features Archive

11 Students to Follow on Instagram This Summer

July 10, 2014

Engaging photos of student life in Durham, the US and abroad

Topics for this story: Civic Engagement, Global, Students

10 Fun Facts About Duke

July 10, 2014

Stephanie Shyu '10 gives insights about Duke on Admitsee, a social media platform she co-founded to help students share their appplication results and get advice

Topics for this story: Alumni, Students

Employee Fans Boost Duke Football

July 10, 2014

Discounted season tickets available for faculty, staff

Topics for this story: Athletics, Benefits, Discounts, Staff

Why Moderates Rarely Run For Congress

July 9, 2014

Because of polarization, those in the ideological middle have all but vanished

The Need to Invest More in Research

(Singapore) Today
July 9, 2014

Adam Claridge-Chang: U.S. is undermining itself by underfunding research

Most Powerful Women

Fortune Magazine
July 9, 2014

Fortune Magazine reporter Caroline Fairchild '12 gives a daily dish on the most powerful women in business via new daily newsletter, The Broadsheet

Topics for this story: Alumni, Business

Career Tools: Improve Productivity, Reduce Burnout

July 9, 2014

Research suggests personal investment in duties and tasks is important

From Bench to Bedside and Beyond

July 8, 2014

Meeting the challenges facing translational research

Topics for this story: Alumni, Faculty, Health & Medicine, Research

Time Bomb

July 8, 2014

Jed Purdy: America is in deep denial about its hardest problems

Study: Recalled Yogurt Worse Than Thought

July 8, 2014

Follow-up study on recalled yogurt finds infectious mold

Topics for this story: Research