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Features Archive

Duke Continues Roll as ‘Great College to Work For’

July 20, 2015

Chronicle of Higher Education recognizes Duke for eight-straight years

Discrimination’s Toxic Effect on Health

the News & Observer
July 20, 2015

Laura Richman: Supreme Court victory will not end discrimination for LGBT communities

Topics for this story: Opinion

War Crimes and Rwandan Realities

the New York Times
July 20, 2015

Stephen Smith: Rwanda's president can’t leave office without risking arraignment

Topics for this story: Global, Opinion

Centuries-Old Shipwreck Discovered Off NC Coast

July 17, 2015

Scientific sonar spots unknown shipwreck, possibly dating to the American Revolution

What Gigabit Internet Means for Duke

July 16, 2015

Duke’s chief information officer explains how ultra-fast service impacts the Duke community

Brain Training May Help Avoid Civilian Casualties

July 16, 2015

New method may help predict and prevent mistaken shootings

Contrarian View of Local Food Movement

the Wall Street Journal
July 16, 2015

Steven Sexton, co-author: We shouldn’t abandon modern farming for local production

Topics for this story: Opinion, Politics & Public Policy

Why Should We Care About Global Health?

the (Durham) Herald-Sun
July 16, 2015

Dr. Michael Merson: When it comes to health, our world is becoming ever smaller

Topics for this story: Global, Health & Medicine, Opinion

Engineering a New Curriculum in Uganda

July 15, 2015

Reichert helps launch sub-Saharan Africa's first biomedical engineering program

Topics for this story: Civic Engagement, Engineering, Global

Would 'Mockingbird' be Published Today?

July 15, 2015

Robin Kirk: Harper Lee has given us much to think and care about

Topics for this story: Opinion