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Features Archive

In School Rampages, the Weapon Matters

April 11, 2014

Phil Cook, Kristin Goss: In assaults, likelihood of death grows when gun is involved

Topics for this story: Opinion, Politics & Public Policy

Who Owns the Rights to Faculty Publications?

April 10, 2014

A Duke blog is at center of discussion on waiver of faculty publishing rights

Topics for this story: Faculty, Humanities & Social Sciences, Law

Choosing the Right Violin

April 10, 2014

Duke violinist Eric Pritchard discusses the virtues of a new instrument

Topics for this story: Arts

Student Speaker Selected for Duke's Commencement

April 10, 2014

Jennifer Sherman to describe how "extraordinary and ordinary moments" come together to transform student lives

Topics for this story: News Releases, Students

A Time Capsule to Mars

April 9, 2014

Duke junior is leading a cohort of students from across the nation on a mission to Mars

Topics for this story: Engineering, Natural Sciences, Research, Students

Duke Team Wins Atlanta Hedge Fund Challenge

April 9, 2014
Students present idea to buy out student loans for percentage of future earnings
Topics for this story: Students

Adopt-a-Book Breathes Life into Old Pages

April 9, 2014

Community members donate to Duke Libraries and pick books for conservation

The Rich Are Running Latin America

the Washington Post
April 8, 2014

Nick Carnes, co-author: We should care that Latin America has white-collar governments

Topics for this story: Global, Opinion

In Chicago, Your Neighborhood May Make You Sick

April 8, 2014

A new Duke study draws links between bad neighborhoods, bad life events and bad health.

Aaron’s Home Run Record Still Means Everything

The Root
April 8, 2014

Mark Anthony Neal on why Hank Aaron's record still matters 40 years later

Topics for this story: Opinion