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Features Archive

'Patient Satisfaction' Harms Some Hospitals

October 19, 2015

Peter Ubel: Medicare measures hurt hospitals that care for the poor

Topics for this story: Business, Health & Medicine, Opinion

Join Forces for Doing Good in the Neighborhood

October 19, 2015

Duke’s annual employee giving campaign runs Oct. 19 to Dec. 4

To Rebuild Trust, Start By Asking Forgiveness

October 17, 2015

Dan Ariely traces the route back from scandal for Volkswagen and troubled businesses

Topics for this story: Business, Faculty

Raising Awareness About Hunger

October 16, 2015

A dozen student groups sponsored World Food Day event

Topics for this story: Students

Most Cancer Drugs Are So Expensive, Ineffective

the Huffington Post
October 16, 2015

Allen Frances: Needed reforms include allowing Medicare to negoitiate drug prices

Topics for this story: Health & Medicine, Opinion

New Nasher Exhibit Has a Contemporary Look

October 15, 2015

'Reality of My Surroundings' features African-American artists in Nasher collection

Topics for this story: Arts, Campus News

Duke Launches Autism Research App

October 14, 2015

Families can participate in study with free download

New Gaming Suite Opens in Edens

October 14, 2015

Students invited to Friday opening in 1C 5 - 8 PM

Topics for this story: Students

How Can DNA Be a Tool for Human Rights?

October 14, 2015

Sara Katsanis on the ethics of science used for humanitarian purposes