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Features Archive

The Many Tentacles of Humanities Writ Large

September 16, 2014

Now in its fourth year, the HWL initiative is having lasting effects across Duke and beyond.

Student Video Celebrates Entrepreneurship Week

September 16, 2014
Topics for this story: Arts, Students

Going Beyond Military Force to Defeat ISIS

The Hill
September 16, 2014

David Siegel on providing viable alternatives to ISIS's constituency in Iraq and Syria

Topics for this story: Global, Opinion, Politics & Public Policy

Free Flu Shots Help Keep Illness Away

September 16, 2014

About 28,000 free vaccinations administered last year

Arts and Entrepreneurship in Chicago

September 15, 2014

Duke students in Chicago learn how to apply entrepreneurial savvy to help the arts thrive

Topics for this story: Arts, Business, Civic Engagement, Global, Students

Duke Boosts Local Start-Up Scene

September 15, 2014

Duke community support helps kickstart Durham's growing entrepreneurial hub

Honoring Our Imperfect Constitution With Education

the News & Observer
September 15, 2014

Nora Hanagan on the significance of Constitution and Citizenship Day (Sept. 17 this year)

Topics for this story: Opinion

The Meat of the Matter on Antibiotic-Resistant Infections

the News & Observer
September 15, 2014

Anthony So, co-author: Two million Americans get sick each year with antibiotic-resistant infections

A Plea for Taking Advertising Seriously

the Huffington Post
September 15, 2014

William O'Barr: Ads do affect us -- and often in ways that we never even stop to think about

Topics for this story: Opinion