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Features Archive

The Great Black Preachers

September 24, 2013

Duke Chapel posts archive of sermons showcasing the legacy of leading ministers

Topics for this story: Campus News, Diversity, Religion

NC Pride Parade, Festival Celebrates 29 Years

September 24, 2013

Saturday's festivities include new parade route, 5K run and other events

Weathering the Storm

September 23, 2013

Two Duke student-athletes talk about surviving and recovering from the Moore tornado

Topics for this story: Athletics, Campus News, Students

Northern Ireland's Lesson for the United States

the Belfast Telegraph
September 23, 2013

Robin Kirk: Northern Irish giving Americans a lesson in the potency of the past

Topics for this story: Global, Opinion

Ferrell Case Reminds Me: As a Black Male, I Have Two Strikes

the Charlotte Observer
September 23, 2013

Bahari Harris: Jonathan Ferrell is a statistic in America's attack on black men

Topics for this story: Opinion

A Test to Know Your Pathogen

September 23, 2013
Topics for this story: Engineering, Faculty, Health & Medicine, Research

Despite New Law, Firearms Not Allowed at Duke 3

September 23, 2013

State law expanding gun rights allows Duke to keep own policies

Why Lines for Disney Rides are 'Magic'

Live Science
September 19, 2013

Vanessa Woods on the psychology of queuing at theme parks

Topics for this story: Opinion