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Features Archive

Taking Air Quality Research to New Heights

April 29, 2016

Engineering team studies pollution and lung stress in the Andean Plateau

Sounds Like a Winner

Scientific American
April 29, 2016

Steve Nowicki, co-authors on why voters prefer candidates with lower-pitched voices

Why Cities Aren’t Ready for the Driverless Car

from the Wall Street Journal
April 29, 2016

Henry Petroski on the urban difficulties of adapting to self-driving cars

Topics for this story: Engineering, Opinion

President Richard Brodhead to Step Down in 2017

April 28, 2016

Brodhead will take a year’s sabbatical before returning to teaching and writing

Topics for this story: Campus News, Duke Leadership

Nurse Makes Her Most Personal Rescue Mission

April 27, 2016

Gift of kidney to her husband underlines importance of organ donations 

Topics for this story: Health & Medicine, Staff

Duke to Celebrate Bike Commuters in May

April 27, 2016

Breakfast and a bike tour highlight National Bike Month activities

Topics for this story: Environment & Sustainability, Staff

The GOP's Pseudo-Principled Supreme Court Stance

The Hill
April 26, 2016

Neil Siegel: Republicans are harming the court without justification

Topics for this story: Law, Opinion, Politics & Public Policy