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Features Archive

Duke Officials Monitoring Winter Weather

March 5, 2015

Sleet and freezing rain expected in central North Carolina tonight

Does Obama Really Think a Bad Deal with Iran is Worse Than No Deal?

Foreign Policy
March 4, 2015

Peter Feaver: Obama Should be clear about what a 'bad deal' is

Topics for this story: Global, Opinion

Computer Science Looks Beyond Nerds

March 4, 2015

Department overhauls its introductory course to attract a wider range of students

SNCC and the Fight for Voting Rights

March 3, 2015

New website tells stories from Robert Moses, Fannie Lou Hamer and others

Topics for this story: Humanities & Social Sciences

What ISIS Really Is: Sham Muslims, Real Criminals

Religion News Service
March 3, 2015

Bruce Lawrence: As long as there are broken states, ISIS will have appeal

Topics for this story: Global, Opinion, Religion

I Signed Up To Spend The Rest Of My Life On Mars — For Real

MTV News
March 3, 2015

Laurel Kaye wants to live on Mars

Topics for this story: Opinion

Staff Go Extra Mile During Winter Weather

March 3, 2015

Facilities, Dining and other areas respond to two rounds of ice and snow

Giving up for Lent: No one size fits all

Durham Herald-Sun
March 3, 2015

Amy Laura Hall: What you give up for Lent is a personal choice

Topics for this story: Opinion, Religion

How Duke Pep Band Fuels the Crazies

March 3, 2015

During basketball season, Duke musicians unleash their energy on fans

Topics for this story: Arts, Athletics, Faculty, Odds & Ends, Staff, Students