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Features Archive

The Nasher Museum's Big Year Starts

August 27, 2015

Museum celebrates with new shows, community outreach and more of the permanent collection

Audio Stories Come Alive ‘Under the Stars’

August 27, 2015

Free outdoor event Aug. 28 tells stories of love from local residents

Topics for this story: Durham & the Region, Staff, Students

Laura Edwards' Civil War Stories

August 26, 2015

For historian, the real drama of the Civil War lies in stories of ordinary men and women

Parents, Don't Fret About Your ‘Connected’ Kids

the (Toronto) Globe and Mail
August 26, 2015

Candace Odgers: Regarding cellphones, parents often worry about the wrong things

Topics for this story: Opinion, Research

What’s in Your New Semester Toolkit?

August 26, 2015

Staff and faculty unveil supplies and mementos that comprise their semester toolkit

Topics for this story: Faculty, Staff

Meerkat Matriarch Carries Many Burdens

August 25, 2015

Stress, social interaction leave meerkat moms susceptible to parasites

Updates on 9 Summer Construction Projects

August 25, 2015

Learn the latest on nine projects, including West Union and Duke Chapel

Topics for this story: Buildings & Grounds, Campus News, Staff, Students

'Road Through Midnight:' A Civil Rights Memorial

August 24, 2015

Photos in CDS exhibit trace the unmarked history of the Civil Rights movement