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Giving the Gates Way

Melinda Gates '86, MBA'87 shares why her foundation gave Duke $20 million

Duke Launches Project Devoted to 2016 Elections

Student voices prominently featured in digital media election project

Nolan Smith’s Education Gets Social

Former Duke basketball star learns social media tricks as Duke Athletics volunteer

Alum Mike Posner Discusses the Road to Fame

Musician Mike Posner '09 was among arts alumni who advised students at DEMAN Weekend 

Alumni Voices

They were saved Wednesday only because Dylann Roof kicked the door so violently it got stuck. It was still stuck Sunday. The trail of bullet holes on the floors and walls tell another story.

Duke Magazine

Photo of First-Generation Students at Duke

Orientation Week is days away, but already skittish students are filing into the East Duke lecture hall, clutching their security blankets—backpacks, water bottles, spiral notebooks sticky from sweaty palms. Most of them met each other the day before, as they wandered the stuffy, unfamiliar corridors looking for their dorm rooms, or later that evening over dinner in the basement of Gilbert-Addoms.


Blue Devils in the Spotlight


The law grad will clerk for Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts in the 2016-2017 term.


The former Google executive is using app technology to make smarter undergarments.


Caberwal founded Bond, a company that helps users send handwritten notes in seconds using a robot.


Henderson ‘96 leaves the Washington Post to join CNN as a senior political reporter on its digital politics team.