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Retta Sirleaf Returns to Duke

The star of NBC's Parks and Recreation talks to students about breaking into comedy

Watch the Video

Highlighting the Value of a Duke Education

University demonstrates how its programs benefit both students and society

A Tale of Two Tickets

Sibiling squabble erupts on Twitter when Duke Alumni gives away Duke-UNC tickets

Power Forward

Reggie Love '05 talks about life as a presidential personal aide and the influence of Duke

Alumni Voices

To no one’s surprise, Tim Cook’s coming-out announcement has captured headlines and turned heads worldwide, notably among those in the business community and among young people.

Duke Magazine

At the culmination of Duke’s Take Back the Night March in 2005, nearly 150 people gathered on the steps of Duke Chapel to share stories about sexual assault. Such community-wide, public events were important, one participant noted, "because sexual assault is a silent crime." Nearly a decade later, sexual-assault survivors and their supporters aren’t staying silent about what takes place on their college campuses. Here’s an in-depth look at how the administration and students are taking on the issue.


Blue Devils in the Spotlight


Skandicrush, a box service for Scandianvian-style home goods, is the brainchild of this Duke alumna. 


The medical anthropologist is featured in the London Review of Books recalling his recent trip to Liberia monitoring Ebola.


Fandango predicts Oscars. Grand Budapest Hotel (Cinematographer Bob Yeoman '73) is contender.


The head of Qatar Museum shakes up the art world as she builds one of the most unique collections in the world.