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Students Celebrate Duke Giving at Big Event

Duke Annual Fund event educates students on importance of giving back to Duke

Bridges to Prosperity

Engineer Maria Gibbs '12 builds bridges that lead to economic empowerment

Indy Week

The Secret Game

Scott Ellsworth AM'77, PhD'82 writes book about South's first interracial basketball game

Duke Magazine

My Simian, My Self

As he researches adolescent chimps, an alumnus ponders transition to adulthood.

Alumni Voices

To no one’s surprise, Tim Cook’s coming-out announcement has captured headlines and turned heads worldwide, notably among those in the business community and among young people.

Duke Magazine

Twenty years ago, Duke set out to bridge the gap between the wealthy university and struggling nearby communities. The effort began with Walltown. In the early 1990s, the neighborhood was visibly ailing, and a few university leaders decided to reach across the divide. Walltown would become the staging ground for Duke’s first official community-development project. In return, Walltown would teach Duke how to be a better citizen of the town it calls home.



Blue Devils in the Spotlight


Skandicrush, a box service for Scandianvian-style home goods, is the brainchild of this Duke alumna. 


The medical anthropologist is featured in the London Review of Books recalling his recent trip to Liberia monitoring Ebola.


Fandango predicts Oscars. Grand Budapest Hotel (Cinematographer Bob Yeoman '73) is contender.


The head of Qatar Museum shakes up the art world as she builds one of the most unique collections in the world.