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Resources for News Media

Are you a reporter working on a story? Here's where you find help from Duke.

Gates Foundation Gives DGHI $20 Million

Grant will help ramp up efforts across disciplines, continents to address key health issues

Duke University Names Eight New Trustees

New trustees include Apple CEO Tim Cook and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

Dr. Ken

From a real doctor to a TV one, Ken Jeong '90 comes full circle in new ABC comedy

Saving Egypt's History

Alumnus rallies to save 108-year-old building at Egypt’s oldest secular university

Alumni Voices

To no one’s surprise, Tim Cook’s coming-out announcement has captured headlines and turned heads worldwide, notably among those in the business community and among young people.

Duke Magazine

The eleven witness statements, written in black ink on white paper, all told different stories of the night Jeremy Rankin was killed in the fall of 1995 in Rockingham, North Carolina. They differed in the exact time and place of the murder, the identity of the shooter, and the motive behind the crime. Mismatched as the statements appeared to be, together they anchored the case against Derrick McRae, who was sentenced to life in prison for the crime in 1998.



Blue Devils in the Spotlight


Caberwal '0 founded Bond, a company that helps users send handwritten notes in seconds using a robot.


Henderson ‘96 leaves the Washington Post to join CNN as a senior political reporter on its digital politics team.


Sarah Ball

Formerly of Vanity Fair, Ball is new executive digital editor at GQ Magazine.

Reggie Love, Kate Johnson and Barak Obama

In new memoir, Love '05 talks about life as a presidential personal aide and the influence of Duke.