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‘The Worst Atrocity You’ve Never Heard Of’

Tom Catena MD'92 is only doctor for 500,000 people seeking shelter in Sudan

8 Things You Didn’t Know: Jessica Springsteen '14

Daughter of Bruce Springsteen is preparing for career in showjumping

Smart Metals Journey

Shelly Li '15 and Arun Karottu '15 build company that recycles electronic scraps 

A Spirited Welcome for the Class of 2019

FAC efficiency moves 1,750 students into residence halls with breathtaking energy

Alumni Voices

They were saved Wednesday only because Dylann Roof kicked the door so violently it got stuck. It was still stuck Sunday. The trail of bullet holes on the floors and walls tell another story.

Duke Magazine

Duke Magazine Special Issue: Power

There’s a lot that’s innocent, knowing, and revealing in the essays that populate this issue. They provide a reminder of the many varieties of power and of the many avenues into power spreading a political protest, photographing a disaster, contemplating a memorial, performing a dance, teaching a history class, interacting with a patient, making a meaningful fashion choice, and more.


Blue Devils in the Spotlight


The law grad will clerk for Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts in the 2016-2017 term.


The former Google executive is using app technology to make smarter undergarments.


Caberwal founded Bond, a company that helps users send handwritten notes in seconds using a robot.


Henderson ‘96 leaves the Washington Post to join CNN as a senior political reporter on its digital politics team.