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Seeking a Deeper Sense of Justice and Faith

On anniversary of Sandra Bland's death, alumna Hannah Bonner maintains her vigil

Fencer Ready for Olympian Combat

Duke Magazine: Alumna Ibtihaj Muhammad heads to the Games, parrying all limitations

President Richard Brodhead to Step Down in 2017

Brodhead will take a year’s sabbatical before returning to teaching and writing

Meet the Patels

An alumna filmmaker goes on a documentary journey to explore what it means to love

Alumni Voices

What would happen if we took the hopes, dreams, pain, joy, loss, bodies, voices, stories, expressions, styles, families, histories, futures of black girls and women and put them in the center?

Duke Magazine

Cartoon of Duke students juggling books

It’s weirdly warm on campus -- late winter, late at night. Or early in the morning. The distinction is murky. So is the atmosphere. I think the fog is as thick and heavy as slow-to-pour barbecue sauce -- which means I’m too tired to think up a better metaphor. The Gothic Wonderland, in its shrouded and silent state, looks like a forbidden zone.


Blue Devils in the Spotlight


The law grad will clerk for Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts in the 2016-2017 term.


The former Google executive is using app technology to make smarter undergarments.


Caberwal founded Bond, a company that helps users send handwritten notes in seconds using a robot.


Henderson ‘96 leaves the Washington Post to join CNN as a senior political reporter on its digital politics team.