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About Us

Duke Today is produced jointly by four Duke offices:

Geoffrey Mock of ONC is the editor of the 'News' edition.
Keith Lawrence of ONC is the editor of the 'Opinion' edition.
Leanora Minai of OCS is the editor of the 'Working@Duke' edition.
Susan Kauffman of OUE is the editor of the "Students' edition.
Christina Holder of DAA is editor of the 'Alumni' section.

The university launched the latest version of Duke Today in April 2011, in collaboration with Duke Web Services. This version included two sections: News and Working@Duke. Duke Today added its Opinion section in September 2011 to showcase faculty expertise and commentary on issues facing society. It added its Student section in May 2012 to provide students with a central source of online information. The Alumni section was added in April 2014 to incorporate news from the more than 150,000 university alumni.

We welcome your comments and suggestions! Please contact the editors.