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Talk of the Campus

Mad Men Is Back! What Ads Are They Featuring?

April 15, 2014Everyone’s favorite ad men and women are back with Season 7 of Mad Men! Join the Hartman Center as we look back at some ads that resonate with each episode of the new season in what we call Mad Men Mondays. [More]

Featured in 'working'

Unpark Yourself on Earth Day, Win Prizes

Share a picture of yourself using a sustainable commute to campus on April 22

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Amateurism in College Athletics: Is this the End?

Duke faculty and alumni discuss the future of collegiate athletics.


The Months Ahead for the Academic Council

Faculty chair talks upcoming agendas, introduces chairs of new faculty diversity committee

Duke Leadership

People, Places and Funds: Brodhead on Duke's Future

In speech to faculty, President notes changing leadership and ambitious plans

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