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Safety Tips, Free Food at National Night Out

Safety Tips, Free Food at National Night Out

Duke Police host annual crime prevention event on Aug. 5

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Duke community members gather as part of last year's National Night Out event with Duke Police. This year's family-friendly program will feature a variety of information tables, a chance to speak with officers and free refreshments. Photo courtesy of Duke Police.

Durham, NC - Students, faculty and staff can catch up on a variety of safety tips and meet officers Aug. 5 as part of National Night Out, a national crime prevention and awareness event.

The Duke University Police Department will host a gathering for Duke community members from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Mill Village on Central Campus.

“The goal of events like this is to encourage a stronger relationship between police and the communities they serve,” said Duke Police Chief John Dailey. “Opportunities like this are important to show how safety is a shared responsibility and how we can all work together to create a stronger, safer campus.”

The event will bring together several Duke departments to showcase the importance of campus safety, from protecting online information to fire extinguisher training. Duke’s National Night Out is part of a citywide effort in Durham. Light refreshments, including hot dogs, will be provided, courtesy of Duke Dining.

Along with the chance to meet officers from Duke Police, visitors will hear from participants of Duke’s Citizens’ Police Academy, an educational program run by Duke Police for faculty and staff to learn about the law enforcement process and to better understand how Duke officers perform their jobs.

Other activities with Duke offices and departments include:

  • Fire extinguisher training with Occupational & Environmental Safety Office
  • Computer security tips with Duke’s IT security office
  • Swimming safety instructions from Recreation and Physical Education

In addition, participants can check out emergency vehicles like a Duke Police patrol car, Duke Life Flight ambulance and a Durham Fire Department truck.

A roving clown will entertain kids, while adults can learn about the hazards of drunk driving by steering a golf cart while wearing “beer goggles” that simulate driving impaired.

Also as part of National Night Out, Duke Police will set up an information table in the Duke Hospital cafeteria from noon to 2 p.m. Aug. 5.

“We’re all part of Duke, so it’s important for us to work together and educate each other about campus safety and concerns,” said Eric Hester, crime prevention officer with Duke Police. “Stronger relationships make for a stronger community.”

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