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Green On Your Plate - and Off

Green On Your Plate - and Off

Duke Dining's 'green' approach is about more than food

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Durham, NC - As part of ongoing efforts to incorporate sustainability into campus eateries, Sustainable Duke and Duke Dining have made it a priority in 2014 to best define "sustainable food."

That's meant a growing focus on a variety of things, from local farmers and vendors to fair trade coffee and using reusable food containers instead of Styrofoam. But there is still more to consider, like supporting the local economy and educating the campus community.

"Do you focus on health, local, humane treatment of animals, organic agriculture practices, farm worker rights, cost or something else?" said Tavey Capps, Duke's director of sustainability. "As part of Duke's Sustainability Strategic Plan, we're working toward defining and prioritizing these issues."

In the future, Duke will incorporate food into its ongoing sustainability strategic plan. That will reflect on campus, where Duke is already taking actions to promote a healthy relationship with the environment as much as healthy food on a plate.

"By striving for an environmentally-conscious program today, we will help ensure a brighter tomorrow and help Duke reach carbon neutrality by 2024," said Robert Coffey, director of Duke Dining.

Here are just a few ways Duke Dining goes green. You can see an enlarged version here.

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