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Duke University Chapel Announces 2014 Student Preacher

Duke University Chapel Announces 2014 Student Preacher

Senior Hannah Ward will preach on the pursuit of perfection.

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Durham, NC - Duke University senior Hannah Ward has been selected to give this year's student preacher sermon at Duke Chapel.

Ward, a religion major from Asheville, N.C., will deliver her sermon during the 11 a.m. worship service on Sunday, Feb. 23. A reception after the service will be held in the chapel basement.

At Duke, Ward participates in a number of faith groups, including the PathWays Chapel Scholars program, the Undergraduate Faith Council, Duke Lutherans and Presbyterian Campus Ministry.

Ward's sermon, "Everybody's Perfect," is based on the Scriptural passage in Leviticus where Moses delivers the Ten Commandments, coupled with Jesus' conversation with his disciples about the commandments in the book of Matthew. The sermon was selected after being reviewed and nominated by a committee that included representatives from the chapel and Religious Life staff.

"Hannah's sermon on the topic of perfection is an appropriate subject for Duke students, who so often find themselves suffering under the weight of this ideal expectation," said Meghan Feldmeyer, the chapel's director of worship. "Hannah's exploration of the passage is both theologically astute and pastorally insightful: What does perfection look like through God's eyes?"

Each year, Duke Chapel selects a student to preach on Student Preacher Sunday.

The selection process is open to any undergraduate who wishes to submit a sermon. Criteria for selection include relevance of sermon to that Sunday's Scripture, sermon delivery, and appropriateness of subject matter for a chapel service.

Duke University Chapel Sunday worship services are open to the public and are webcast live at

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Contact: Adrienne Koch
Phone: (919) 684-2032