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Show Santa You Care This Holiday Season

Show Santa You Care This Holiday Season

Purchase Duke carbon offsets for your holiday lighting display

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Ice Melting Cartoon
Image courtesy of Skeptical Science (

Durham, NC - If you can't resist stringing up some holiday lights this season, the Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative (DCOI) has a solution for you!  With just one carbon offset, most people can make up for the extra carbon dioxide from the electricity needed for your average holiday light display. 

And for those of you who really get into the holiday lighting spirit, or haven't yet gotten around to swapping your old bulbs for LED's - two tons should be all you need.

So, make it a carbon-free holiday this year and buy a couple of offsets to let Santa and the Elves up at the North Pole know that you care!  Click here to purchase high quality carbon offsets from DCOI.