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Duke to Build New Sidewalk on Swift Avenue

Duke to Build New Sidewalk on Swift Avenue

Work is expected to begin in early March

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Durham, NC - As part of an update to Duke's Campus Master Plan for pedestrians, Duke will add a new sidewalk along Swift Avenue, running between Campus Drive and Hull Avenue.

In early March, crews will start constructing the five-feet wide sidewalk, which will be on the west side of Swift Avenue and run parallel to a sidewalk that is already in place on the east side of the street.

Stephen Carrow, project manager with Duke Facilities Management, said the sidewalk will run about 1,000 feet long and is expected to be completed in April, barring weather delays.

Carrow said traffic along Swift Avenue may be impacted for one week during construction while crews pour cement. During that time, the street will be reduced to one lane with crews available to direct traffic.

Here's a map highlighting the project area between Campus Drive and Hull Avenue:

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