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All Together Now

All Together Now

Duke Today's new series section highlights major university stories

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The new Duke Today series showcases stories, videos, opinion articles and other pieces related by theme.

Durham, NC - They are among the biggest recent stories at Duke University: its first Nobel Prize, its new initiatives in China, MOOCs and online education. On Tuesday, Duke Today launched a feature that makes it easier for readers to track what's happening with these and other stories.

The site's new "Series" section highlights topics ranging from student entrepreneurship to civic engagement, pulling together stories that appeared over the past few years. A series called "A New Type of Classroom," for example, features 10 Duke Today stories from the past year that explored everything from "flipped" classrooms to new approaches for bringing together diverse disciplines, such as in a class that blends Shakespeare and finance.

"Higgs Hunters" highlights Duke faculty and students who joined the international search for elusive subatomic particles. "Engaging Haiti" covers Duke's interdisciplinary Haiti Lab, its response to that nation's 2010 earthquake and the discovery by graduate student Julia Gaffield of Haiti's declaration of independence. Other listings in the new series section cover the arts, diversity, faculty books and other topics. Additional series will be added regularly.

"Duke Today is primarily a news site, so we're always going to focus on what's happening right now," said David Jarmul, associate vice president of news and communications. "However, we also want to help people see the big picture, providing context about how newer stories connect with those that appeared earlier. We hope this new section will appeal to readers who want to explore a topic in depth, or who just enjoy grazing stories they may have missed. The section's colorful graphics and clean design make it a fun place to spend some time."

Duke Today's new series will draw from all four of the site's sections: news, opinion, Working@Duke and students.

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