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Daniel Woldorff Caught Green Handed

Daniel Woldorff Caught Green Handed

Student caught requesting cage-free shell eggs for omelet

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Daniel shows information about shelled versus caged eggs

Name: Daniel Woldorff
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Year: Freshman
Caught where: Marketplace
Doing what: Eating sustainably by requesting shell eggs for an omelet

What makes shell eggs sustainable? How did you hear about it?

Bon Appetit offers two egg options in their Duke eateries: liquid and shell eggs. Liquid eggs from hens confined in battery cages are used to make scrambled and omelet eggs. Shelled eggs, available by request in the omelet line, are cage-free eggs certified by third-party auditors. Cage-free is generally a step above battery: Hens can roam, typically in a barn, and are given other needed things, such as nesting areas. Bon Appetit has committed to transitioning completely from battery-cage liquid eggs to cage-free liquid eggs by 2015.

I read about the cage-free shell option on the triangular signs on the Marketplace tables.

Why is eating sustainable foods important to you?

I am responsible for my actions. So if I'm against something I've got to weigh the cost to benefit of an action that supports it: Is the pleasure I get from this tomato worth supporting the human trafficking of migrant workers in Southwest Florida, which supplies most US tomatoes? If I know about it, and I would vote in an election against it, then I should not vote for it with my dollars.

What other things do you do in your everyday life to be sustainable?

I also avoid wasting food, turn off un-used appliances and spread word about business practices.

What sustainable efforts have you noticed around campus?

Food for Thought, the real food group on campus! We analyze the purchases of Duke's food vendors and promote awareness on campus about real food, which truly nourishes producers, consumers, communities and the earth.

If you could change one thing on campus to make it more sustainable, what would it be?

I'd install prominent resource meters in every dorm to show us how much energy, water and natural gas we were using. With this info, Duke could pass savings on to us in the form of rebates on our bills, flex money, house money, etc. The idea could build off of eco-olympics and allow dorms to compete all year!

Do you already know a lot about how to be sustainable and the environment or are you coming here to learn more?

I knew some--not a lot. I'm learning more and more each day, each class, and each time someone asks me to explain why I choose shell eggs over liquid. After learning that cage-free still means beak removal, I won't be eating those eggs anymore.

Will you be caught green handed next? Caught Green Handed is an initiative of Students for Sustainable Living created to reward sustainability actions at Duke. Get caught doing something eco-friendly, and receive great prizes including t-shirts, stainless steel water bottles and reusable grocery bags!  It's simple, just take actions throughout the day to reduce your environmental footprint and with a little luck, you could be Caught Green Handed! The contest will continue on a twice monthly basis throughout the fall semester.