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Try a New Thanksgiving Recipe from Faculty, Staff

Try a New Thanksgiving Recipe from Faculty, Staff

Sweet potato casserole recipe wins in random drawing

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Emelia Chabot, clinical dietitian at the Henderson Family Medical Clinic, submitted a recipe for this cranberry apple couscous. Photo courtesy of Emelia Chabot.

Durham, NC - When it comes to the holiday season, Mary Jo Campbell Sorensen likes to think of her family.

And when it comes to family and Thanksgiving, she thinks of a tried and true family recipe for roasted root vegetables. Featuring carrots, rutabaga, potatoes and more, the fall tradition acts as a perfect side dish for a big meal with loved ones.

"This is a recipe my mother made every fall while I was a child growing up in Pennsylvania," said Campbell Sorensen, administrative coordinator with Duke Medicine Network Services. "As the vegetables, oil, wine and spices marry in the heat of the oven, the wonderful smells take me back to those cold fall days and fills my heart with warmth."

Along with Campbell Sorensen, nine other members of the Duke community shared Thanksgiving recipes as part of Working@Duke's Thanksgiving recipe round-up.

Dot Mishoe, director of Duke's Student Disability Access Office, was randomly selected among participants as the winner of the contest's grand prize: a piece of floor from the Duke men's basketball team's 2010 championship season. The 1-by-1-foot piece of floor came from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Ind., the host-city of the 2010 NCAA men's basketball Final Four.

Mishoe submitted a recipe for sweet potato casserole, a recipe she modified from a Southern Living magazine that includes cornflakes, pecans and marshmallows as a topping for the potatoes.

"We always had a family squabble because one person wanted marshmallow topping and someone wanted a crunchy pecan topping," Mishoe said. "Now it's a huge hit and is has to be there for Thanksgiving every year. I only make it once a year so it's a special occasion."

Interested in trying a new recipe for your Thanksgiving celebration? Check out some recipes Duke community members can't wait to serve over the holiday. All recipes are in style and format as they were submitted:

Chocolate Pecan Pie
Submitted by: Cate Auerbach, Duke senior who will join the Undergraduate Admissions office as an admissions intern in January

Roasted root vegetables
Submitted by: Mary Jo Campbell Sorensen, administrative coordinator, Duke Medicine Network Services

Cranberry apple couscous
Submitted by: Emelia Chabot, clinical dietitian, Henderson Family Medical Clinic

Chicken pot pie
Submitted by: Alfred D'Ottavio II, senior analyst programmer, Duke Clinical Research Institute

Vegetarian cassoulet (adapted from Moosewood Collective)
Submitted by: Kelly Deal, associate in research, Duke Global Health Institute

Delicious cranberry Jello-O
Submitted by: Gary Gereffi, professor in Department of Sociology

Rustic pear and sweet onion galette appetizer
Submitted by: Jill Malley, staff assistant, University Development

Sweet potato casserole (adapted from Southern Living magazine)
Submitted by: Dot Mishoe, director of Duke's Student Disability Access Office

Finger cookies
Submitted by: Leslie Pardue, program coordinator for professional studies, Nicholas School of the Environment's Academic and Enrollment Services

Chocolate mocha trifle
Submitted by: Kit Stapleford, Clinical Trials Specialist, Duke Clinical Research Institute

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