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Last Chance For 'Golden Ticket' Is Wednesday

Last Chance For 'Golden Ticket' Is Wednesday

Hints offered about identity of five winners in campaign that ends Wednesday

Editor's Note: if you have problems accessing the Race/Ethnicity field, adjust your browser settings to allow pop-ups for the Duke@Work site.

Check Yourself campaign ends Sept. 20.
Find a "golden ticket" by Sept. 20 to win men's basketball tickets or other prizes.

Durham, NC - [Updated Monday, Sept 19]: The "Check Yourself" campaign has been extended through Wednesday, Sept. 21]

Since the Check Yourself campaign began Aug. 29, the Duke Today article announcing the hunt for "golden tickets" has been visited nearly 3,500 times.

But we still don't have a golden ticket winner.

So, Human Resources is offering a few hints so it can share the prizes, including a pair of men's basketball tickets. For anyone who has missed the news, the Check Yourself campaign is designed to encourage Duke staff and faculty to review and update their personal information in the "My Profile" section of the Duke@Work self-service website to ensure home addresses, phone numbers and other data are accurate.

Here are hints about the identity of the five winners (hope you're reading this winners!)

  • At least one of the winners has a last name that begins with "H"
  • At least one of the winners has more than 10 years of service
  • At least one of the winners is over the age of 45
  • One of the winners works at a hospital other than Duke University Hospital
  • One of the winners works in the field of communications

Human Resources had a close call last week. Someone who read the Duke Today article called, proclaiming she was a golden ticket winner.

"Unfortunately, the claim wasn't legitimate," said Tracy Williams, manager of the Human Resources Information Center, where the five randomly selected winners are instructed to call to claim their prize. "We are still waiting for our five winners to find the golden ticket and claim their prize. I guess no one wants those basketball tickets."

To find out if they're winners, faculty and staff must visit the self-service website by Sept. 20. On the website, select "My Info," then "My Profile." Be sure to click on the links for home address and phone, external mailing address and phone, family members and dependents, race/ethnicity, and cell phone for emergency alerts. An image of a golden ticket could be embedded within any of those five links.

As faculty and staff search for a golden ticket and update information, they're encouraged to review and include information for two new fields for "work cell phone" and "other cell phone" to receive a text message in the event of an emergency. Numbers for all Duke-purchased cell phones and those previously registered for emergency text messaging have been transferred to Duke@Work. Cell phone numbers will not appear in the online directory, unless staff or faculty members list that as a primary work number.

Golden ticket winners should contact the Human Resources Information Center at (919) 684-5600 to redeem the ticket for one of the available prizes. Golden ticket holders are offered prizes on a first-come, first-served basis.

In addition to the pair of tickets to a Duke men's basketball game, prizes include a $200 gift certificate to a show at the Durham Performing Arts Center, a 50-minute deep-tissue massage at Duke Integrative Medicine, a night's stay for two and breakfast at the Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club and a piece of basketball floor from the 2010 NCAA Championship.

How to Claim Your 'Golden Ticket'

Visit the Duke@Work self-service website between Aug. 29 and Sept. 20 (update: extended to Sept. 21) to review all personal information listed under the "MyProfile" section.

If you find a golden ticket, call (919) 684-5600 to redeem it for one of the prizes. Available prizes will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.
Check your data at

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